Self employed mortgages with 2 years accounts

Pete Mugleston

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If you’ve been self employed less that 3 years and are looking for a mortgage, we have just the solution. With access to the whole market, including lenders that offer mortgages specifically for self employed applicants with a whole range of different income styles, types and trading histories, we can arrange your mortgage no problems (subject to standard criteria such as credit scores and deposits etc).

Our self employed customers love us because:

  • We are whole of market | with access to direct and broker exclusive self employed mortgage products.
  • We are independent | we give you the best advice for you, not whats best for us.
  • We are experienced | our advisers are highly trained, fully qualified, with a wealth of experience with arranging self employed mortgages on a daily basis.

‘Do mortgage lenders accept 2 years accounts?’

This is a frequent enquiry our self employed specialists receive on an almost daily basis, and the answer is definitely yes. If you need a self employed mortgage, 2 years accounts is more than sufficient. In fact, if you haven’t been trading long, its possible to get a mortgage for those self employed less than 2 years, UK wide.

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