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Specialist Mortgage Services
Pete Mugleston

Pete Mugleston – First-time buyer mortgage expert

To find if you're eligible for and which mortgages are best for you please make an application, ask a question, use the live chat or give us a call on 0800 304 7880.

There’s an almost endless list of reasons why customers come to us looking for specialist mortgage advice, many know they have unique circumstances whereas others come to us having been declined by a lender or let down by a broker and need to speak to someone who understands the situation. Hard to place mortgages are what we specialise in – check out our video for more info.

Below are some of the most popular articles on our site that may be relevant to you but if you don’t see what you’re looking for on the site give us a call or make an enquiry – one of the specialist mortgage brokers will be in touch ASAP.

How difficult is it to get a mortgage?

This really depends on your exact situation. For most borrowers getting a mortgage is relatively easy, if their income is straightforward, their credit history is clean, and they have enough deposit. For anyone else (and most people who visit our site) the number of lenders that would consider an application will be limited – just how limited depends on how big the issue is. A few late payments here and there causing a low credit score shouldn’t be too difficult if the rest of the application is an attractive proposition. Throw in a small deposit, a bankruptcy, or lending based on the retained profit of a limited company and you’ll find most lenders won’t consider the application.

It’s not always hard to get mortgages, but sadly, many brokers make it hard. They boast that they are ‘whole of market’ and still don’t get the job done leaving may potential borrowers disillusioned – frankly, what’s the point of having access to all the lenders if you don’t know their criteria?

When it comes to complex mortgages it takes extra care, time, and experience in the specialist market for brokers to successfully get an approval through – mere experience in arranging mainstream mortgages is not enough as complicated mortgages are only made possible by brokers that know what they’re doing. The mortgage specialists we work with successfully arrange the same type of difficult mortgages and work with the same type of mortgage problems every day, so they already know which specialist mortgage lenders to go before you even make your enquiry!

Complicated mortgage calculators

We have various mortgage calculators for different types of mortgage and borrower, however if you want to know what your mortgage will cost or how much you can borrow and your situation is unique then these are likely to be inaccurate. The only sure-fire way of finding exact figures are to speak to one of the specialist mortgage advisors. Make an enquiry through our form to be passed to the right one for you, or give us a call.

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