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Diabetes and Life Insurance

Life insurance for diabetics (UK)

Pete Mugleston

To find out exactly what your eligible for and at what rates please or give us a call on 0800 304 7880.

Understand how diabetes can affect your life insurance, find out what you are eligible for, and make an application today.

Here at we work with expert diabetes insurance brokers who are on hand to discuss/arrange your protection needs. These specialists arrange policies for both Type 1, Type 2, and gestational diabetics every day, having huge success in reducing monthly costs for applicants by ensuring they get the right cover with the right insurer. If you’d like some free advice today please get in touch or, alternatively, browse our guide below.

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Type 1 diabetes
Critical illness, life cover, and income protection

Type 2 diabetes
Critical illness, life cover, and income protection

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Whole of market
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IMPORTANT: It is essential that you answer the questions as accurately as possible because this will impact the nature of the advice. At the point of application the answers to your medical questionnaire will impact the terms of cover offered – if you aren’t open and honest with the answers your policy may not pay out upon claim.

Diabetes is a condition which affects 3.2million in the UK with a further 660,000 affected without them being aware of it (according to diabetes charity Diabetes UK). A recent stat from Diabetes UK states that an individual suffering from Type 2 diabetes can expect their life shortened by up to 10 years, however an individual with Type 1 diabetes can expect their life shortened by anywhere up to 20 years!

Diabetes is defined as a condition where by the pancreas doesn’t produce any or enough insulin for it use glucose, resulting in a high a level of glucose. There are 2 forms of diabetes – Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 diabetes is usually diagnosed at a very young age and normally before the age of 40. The body does not produce insulin and is normally treated through regular insulin injections. Type 2 diabetes is non-insulin dependent, where the body either does not produce enough insulin, or the body resists the effects of insulin produced. Treatment for Type 2 diabetes can be medication (Metformin), insulin injections, or it can be purely diet controlled.

Can I actually get insurance if I’m diabetic?

The below table outlines what’s possible in terms of Life insurance for diabetics, type 1, type 2, and gestational inclusive. It also outlines the impact each type of diabetes is likely to have on an income protection policy.

You can get these types of insurance if you are diabetic

Depending on the type and severity of the condition, each insurer will have a different stance on the risk, so the range of insurance offered for any one individual can be huge, as monthly cost and levels of cover can go from standard terms to a decline depending on which insurer you apply with. Life insurance for type 1 diabetics tends to be viewed as more high-risk than life insurance for type 2 diabetes, and gestational diabetics are often viewed as standard applicants and offered normal terms (being as it is generally a temporary condition during pregnancy).

The risk profiles each insurer has for diabetics are in a constant state of change due to more advanced medical research, which is usually to the benefit of those suffering from the illness and managing it well. As a result, there are several specialist insurers now well versed in handling these applications, and they provide more favourable rates for diabetics than other less experienced insurers, which is why selecting the right company is crucial to ensuring you are getting the best level of cover for you and your family, at the best price.

Why is it hard for diabetics to obtain life cover?

Obtaining life insurance with diabetes in the UK can at first seem impossible. The feedback we get from our visitors shows that many mortgage borrowers and those with families have not previously arranged ANY protection because of either Cost, the fear of being declined by an insurer, or more commonly – having applied to the wrong insurer and been declined cover.

The sad fact is that many mortgage brokers don’t have the specialist market knowledge to handle applicants with pre-existing medical conditions full stop, let alone arrange life insurance for diabetics, and they assume every insurer will have the same opinion which is simply not true. Many advisors will also approach the wrong insurer, the policy gets approved but at a far higher price than initially quoted, and they don’t shop round to another provider to find cheaper deals. The specialists we work with will do their homework before submitting an application and make sure they go to the right place from the start, so if you have diabetes, life insurance may well be possible to obtain.

Get affordable life insurance for diabetics

How much will diabetic life insurance cost? Diabetic life insurance doesn’t have to cost the earth. Going direct to insurers or using cost comparison tables can be a great way of getting a price for someone with no pre-existing medical conditions, but these will only ever give you an initial quote based purely on your age and smoker status. Then, once they know you’re diabetic the price will likely increase – How much depends on:

  1. The type and control of your diabetes
  2. Your age
  3. Your HbA1c level
  4. If your treatment requires insulin injections
  5. And most importantly – The insurer you apply with

Some insurers will ‘rate-load’ your application by a lot more than others, so approaching the right ones specific to you is paramount. By enquiring through us, we will ensure you are dealing with an advisor who knows the market and will approach those that are specialists with diabetes and life insurance and who are most likely to offer you cover at the best possible price.

A summary of the range of impact these different contributing factors may have can be seen in the table below:

diabetes life cover rating table

Diabetes life insurance quotes

Instant life cover quotes
Life insurance quotes for diabetics are not instant like you may find on comparison websites – Often you can get an indicative quote online, but these never take into account pre-existing medical conditions. In order to get accurate prices you’ll need a specialist to research the market for you, from all the best life cover providers who offer cover for diabetics of all types.

Cheap life insurance for diabetics
To obtain the most cost effective and value for money insurance as a diabetic, it is crucial you approach the best insurer. As mentioned, it is often the case that insurers are not familiar with such applications, and as such their underwriting can be strict and too broad, meaning that those with well managed conditions can be treated the same as those with more severe conditions, and can make the cover very expensive. It is also the case that some insurers just flat out decline cover for diabetics. Your advisor will take you through all the options.

What questions are you likely to be asked?
The questions can be more detailed than for someone without a history of medical conditions, but actually the top specialist insurers are so used to offering the cover and processing applications that the process is far more streamlined than you might think, and often you can get decisions very quickly – if you know your recent test results and medical data then this can almost be immediate!

We know the questions these specialist insurers ask, so if you’d like to make an application today please complete the enquiry form below and an advisor will be in touch ASAP. In order for us to provide you with the most competitive quote we need you to know the answers to the following:

Life insurance for type 1 diabetics

The providers offering life cover if you are type one insulin-dependent diabetic may be different to those offering cover for type two and gestational diabetes, mainly because the condition can have more of a risk to insurers. It depends on how managed the condition is, what your recent blood readings have been, and of course other unrelated factors such as your height, weight, smoker status etc. If you are generally fit and healthy then the chances are you’ll be accepted. It is not uncommon for sufferers to have other related conditions, such as high blood pressure / cholesterol etc, and this can also have an impact with some insurers – luckily, not all will penalise you and will take a more flexible approach (see ‘related health conditions impacting insurance’ below).

Life insurance for type 2 diabetics

Again, pricing and acceptance for cover for type two sufferers depends on how your condition is managed, your recent blood readings, your general health, your height to weight ratio, your smoker status, and other related and non-related medical conditions. Often those with well managed diabetes and healthy lifestyles can be accepted almost immediately, and those with further complications may have to go through slightly more detailed underwriting to obtain cover, generally at slightly higher rates.

Critical illness cover for diabetics

We are regularly asked if critical illness cover is available for people with diabetes, and the answer is YES! These applications are more in depth than for life cover only (as they are for people with no medical issues), because you are statistically 4 times more likely to claim on a critical illness policy than a life only policy. The chances are even more likely for sufferers of diabetes. Often the monthly cost is higher, and insurers can exclude certain elements from the policy to allow applicants to obtain cover that would otherwise be declined. If you are declined for critical illness cover, this doesn’t mean you won’t be eligible for life only cover – your advisor will go through all the available options with you. To get a diabetic critical illness cover quote please complete the enquiry form and we’ll put you in touch with one of the specialists.

Related health conditions impacting insurance

Raised Blood pressure and Cholesterol are the most commonly related conditions to diabetes. Normally your GP will prescribe you medication in relation to these conditions as a ‘preventative’ but they still cause issues with most insurers. The specialist insurers understand that related conditions are not necessarily a separate medical condition and will aim not to penalise applicants for them.

Diabetes and life insurance | Common myths

There are certain myths associated with diabetes related insurance, and questions we receive from visitors on a daily basis, some of which we have elaborated on below:

“If I’m a diabetic and a smoker I cannot get insurance”.
This is true with some of the insurers, however the specialist insurers the advisors work with know that diabetics smoking less than 11 cigarettes a day are eligible for cover, and that it is heavier smokers that have problems finding any insurance.

“I’m aged 55+ and I have been diagnosed with diabetes recently, I’m considered too much of a high risk now for insurance providers because of my age”
This is not true. There is no upper age limit to apply for insurance cover for someone diagnosed with diabetes later in life. All other factors will still need to be assessed, however a person diagnosed with diabetes passed the age of 55 is assessed the same as someone diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 20.

“My doctor/nurse told me that my HBA1C reading is ‘High’, so because of that I assume I will be declined for insurance”
This is a common assumption, however what doctors interpret as ‘high’ can be different to what the insurers deem ‘high’. HBA1C readings vary from less than 4% to above 11%. Insurers consider 8.9% to be an ‘optimal’ level, and in fact insurance is available with HBA1C readings up to 10.9% (subject to other factors being satisfactory).

“I have previously been admitted to hospital for diabetes, I am assuming I will get declined for insurance”
If the hospital admission has been within the past 12 months then you will likely be declined yes. However, if the hospital admission was over 12 months ago then the insurer will consider an application.

“The insurances will take weeks and months to arrange”
Thankfully this is a thing of the past. Previously insurers would write to the clients GP if diabetes was disclosed on an application, and the back and forth between doctors and insurers can be time consuming. More recently, as the specialist insurers have access to market leading medical research, they will look to accept and start policies straight from application in many cases. There are times when the insurer may need further information from the GP to clarify other conditions or obtain more information, but majority of applicants are accepted immediately.

Whether you are looking to arrange insurance cover for the very first time OR you are looking to review your existing insurance provisions you have in place, our expert diabetes advisors are on hand to answer any of your queries.

Diabetes life cover quote

To get a quote for life insurance if you are diabetic, and to find out who the best insurer for you may be, make an enquiry in the form above or ask a quick question and we will pass you to one of the specialists…

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