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What is the highest LTV on a buy to let?

What is the highest LTV on a buy to let?

Pete Mugleston

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Hi there, I would like to know how difficult it is to obtain a buy to let mortgage? I currently have a mortgage and earn £30000 pa, I would like the highest LTV buy to let available, would you be able to advise? Thanks, Brian

Hi Brian,

Thanks for your enquiry, I’d be happy to help! From the info you have given it certainly seems possible that you could get a buy to let, we’d need more information to give you specific advice however. The main criteria for most buy to let lenders involves having a property (main residence), and some earned income if you’re not an experienced landlord already. You tick both of those boxes so should have access to most lenders. It would also depend on your credit score and a few other factors including the loan amount and expected rental income. Typically the maximum LTV for buy to lets is 75%, but there are lenders currently offering 80% LTV buy to lets, and in some circumstances it may be possible to obtain a 85% buy to let mortgage.

We’d need to first know what property values you were looking at, and how much deposit you currently have available. In order for us to establish what you’d be eligible for, one of our buy to let specialists can contact you to go through things in more detail. Please let us know the most convenient time.

Many thanks,


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