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You’ve arrived at THE place for independent mortgage information online. Here you can read through our many articles written exclusively by expert advisors from the front line, who are busy arranging mortgages everyday – You’ll also have access to them to ask for specific support.

We offer a source of expert information for anyone looking for mortgage help, whether straightforward or specialist, so you can be sure you’re getting the most up to date and relevant answers. All advisers that work with us are authorised and regulated by the FCA with a comprehensive cover of the market, so you can feel safe that if there’s a mortgage out there for you they’ll find it, and at the best rates!

Feel free to use our professional online mortgage search engine – it’s free! We are on hand at any point so please get in touch if you’d like free, impartial advice with no obligation – the advisors we work with specialise in both straightforward and hard to place mortgages.

The content on this site has been developed and contributed to by independent mortgage advisers, some with over 20 years experience, to help the general public get closer to the financial information they need. To read more about the writers please click here!

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The site was born out of a distinct lack of presence of good mortgage brokers and good advice online. You only have to google ‘compare mortgages’ to find a wealth of comparison sites offering ‘top deals’ etc, but no real comprehensive broker service that can be accessed and processed online. We are that presence, and our site is the information resource many borrowers in the UK want.

If you look around on the internet, the majority of mortgage websites fall into two categories:

  • 1) Large ‘lead generation’ sites.
  • 2) Smaller localised mortgage websites.

These are the big comparison sites. Although they often do contain some useful tools & information, generally their main purpose is to make money from selling your information direct to banks, or onto a huge network of different brokers.

There is often no way of knowing who your info is being passed to, and who you might be dealing with, and also even if they could actually have the tools to help. These may also have a wide range of different fee’s and processing costs that you wouldn’t have been aware of when you first signed up.

These tend to have little helpful information, and often just basic contact forms and phone numbers, with the sole purpose of getting your personal info to either pass on to another source, or so they can try to help with what you need themselves.

What we offer, is a comprehensive mortgage search engine which is free to use, and a triage service whereby we process the details of your enquiry and pass you on to the advisor best suited to help you.

The content on this website is written by expert mortgage brokers on the front line. We have a comprehensive working knowledge of the mortgage market and our mission is to always pass you to the best possible type of advisor depending on your circumstances. We have built up strong working relationships with a number of different mortgage brokers in the UK that specialise in different areas. So, for example, if you’ve been bankrupt in the past , we will pass you through to a discharged bankruptcy mortgage specialist. If you’re self employed contractor with one years’ accounts, we will pass you to a broker that knows lender criteria for self-employed mortgages through and through, someone who knows which lenders accept less than two years’ accounts. If you need the red carpet service to get a mortgage approved fast, we will pass you to an appropriate adviser. etc…

Most brokers are able to call themselves whole of market because they have access to all of the deals, however simply having access to all lenders doesn’t mean they actually know the market. The brokers we work with are vetted to ensure they understand the types of customer we pass to them, and we train and manage them to deliver a high level of customer service in the areas they specialise in.

The main benefits of using this service…

Online mortgage search engine

Our online search engine gives you chance to search through both lender direct and exclusive broker products, so you really are comparing the whole market. Don’t be fooled assuming your bank will be giving you the best Mortgage rate, equally don’t be fooled by the comparison sites. Lenders have different DIRECT & INTERMEDIARY deals. You can compare them all here with us.

So much more than the high street

Every lender is different. Some cater for first time buyers, some for landlords, some specialise in finding mortgages for the self employed, property development finance, or for customers with bad credit. The advisers we work with have access to every lender and deal on the market, so you can be sure if there’s a mortgage deal out there for you, you’ll find it. Mortgages are a serious financial responsibility and, for many, it is important to ensure they are getting the lowest mortgages repayments possible.

Fitting around you

We write about a far more diverse range of clients than the average broker and we pride ourselves on the wide ranging experience and expertise that the brokers we work with have. From doctors, to graduates, to those in the armed forces, we understand that everybody is different and that lenders look at each application with varying degrees of understanding. A broker with the right knowledge of the mortgage market will help you to get the best rates for your situation, and can find mortgages for people that would otherwise struggle.

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